The First Wallet

Where you are the key

with tailored Experience

where the key is nowhere

Software but COLD

With KeyLess Self-Custody

Where you are the key

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The new way to manage your

own assets, by yourself

Take Control with Elysium, managing your Bitcoin, Stablecoin and Digital Assets is seamless. Say goodbye to complex key management, data loss risks, transaction approvals, network configurations, and reliance on centralized systems.

Our Bulletproof solution ensures top-notch security without sacrificing user convenience.

We disrupt the way of holding and spending.

Our cutting-edge self-custody solution boasts intuitive design and seamless functionality, making it easier than ever to access and use digital currencies.

Bulletproof Onboarding & Recovery

Effortlessly onboard with our Multi-Factor algorithm, eliminating the need for storing keys.

Streamlined Payments & Transfers

Simplify spending with Intention Based Transaction execution for swift transactions.

Intuitive Asset Management

Seamlessly manage major Digital Assets with a single Account for superior efficiency.

Verified Identity Integration

Be authentic, whether in the digital realm or real life, with seamless web3 integration.

Everything you need, from the new financial revolution
Real experience, no skill needed
Really trustless with no point of failure because you are the Key


Faster Login & Recovery


Less Click for transaction


More Secure than classic login

Future made for everyday

Use your assets easily with Intention-Based Transactions

Elysium’s Intention-Based Transaction system automates and streamlines the execution process, ensuring seamless and efficient transactions.

This user-friendly feature caters to both novice and experienced users, making Elysium the go-to platform for all.

Tailor  your authentication with the highest security

Elysium introduces a cutting-edge Multi-Factor Algorithm, allowing users to customize their security experience and risk exposure according to their preferences (known as the Elysium Trilemma).

This feature eliminates the necessity for traditional key storage while significantly enhancing security and ease of use.