We are ordinary peopledoing extraordinary things.

Elysium Lab is a Swiss Fintech-Blockchain Startup based in Lugano, the most crypto-friendly city in Europe.

We cooperate with universities, research centers, startup ecosystems, and the Swiss Innovation Agency, merging cross-border networks and expertise.

We are part of Switzerland's best Blockchain & Crypto Hubs, aiming to revolutionize digital asset management.

Our team
A world where everyone is free to manage and own their funds. That’s our dream. A future where everyone isn’t scared to buy & Trade Digital Assents, without compromise experience or security. Could be tomorrow or later, that’s not a problem, the financial system revolution can’t be stopped. We’re working to make it real.
Aron Clementi
Founder & CEO
Gianmarco Guazzo
Co-Founder & CTO
Ilaria Stirpe
CMO & Growth Hacker